Glasgow Comedy Festival

Blog: 'A Yes Voter In London' by Struan Logan

I am doing a show at Glasgow this year purely as a way to be back around people who understand my name. Most people don’t understand that Struan is a word and assume my name is Stuart. Even when I have sent them an email, they read what I’ve written, assume I am an idiot and write back to me with the ‘correct’ spelling of my name.

The show is called A Yes Voter in London as the plan was to come down here to reform London capitalism from inside the belly of the beast. As you can see it has clearly worked, so you’re welcome Scotland. 

The material I will be talking about is why I personally voted Yes in September's referendum, and the mixed reactions to telling people in London about my vote. Whilst I say this I have really enjoyed being in London, where a particularly nice quality is that Scottish people look out for each other wherever you are. Every time I meet a fellow Scot we have a great chat and talk about where we’re from; the closer to my hometown, the happier I feel. It is genuinely sad how excited I was when I met a Scotsman who said he came from Prestwick. I haven’t been there since I was 10 and even then I knew it was a sh*thole. However, Scottish nostalgia is a powerful force that I cannot resist.

The show will also contain excessive amounts of the word Hufflepuff as it was my nickname at university, my love/hatred of James Bond (since every man wants to be James Bond whilst knowing he is a complete arsehole) and I will spend a decent chunk of the show chatting to the audience as I like my stand-up to be more conversation than just me telling you my opinions for an hour.

The Glasgow International Comedy Festival has an excellent line-up this year and you should support as many as you can. Shows I have seen a version of at Edinburgh that I liked would be Brendon Burns, Will Franken, Josie Long, Richard Herring and Susan Calman

The festival also supports a lot of great up and coming acts who you should check out like Richard Brown (who will be doing a support slot at my own show), Tim Renkow, Paul McDaniel and Matt Winning. 

The last act I want to recommend is difficult because Paul Currie is on at the same time as me. I was glad to get a different time (Sunday March 22nd at 3pm) because I thought I wouldn’t clash with anyone good but Paul is a clowning genius who is ridiculously inventive. If you choose to come to my show instead I can guarantee that I will talk a lot more than him.

Struan Logan: A Yes Voter In London is at Yesbar, Sunday 22 March at 3pm - book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.