Glasgow Comedy Festival

Blog: 'The Unusual Suspects' by Chrissy Ross

It's late on a cold Saturday Glasgow night. Three aspiring comedians are sitting together commiserating after dying on their rears at a gong show. We know this is a learning process and we know why we have died tonight. We weren't funny enough. The three of us are sitting there, sharing knowing glances hoping we won't agonise over this feeling again but also knowing it's the only way to learn. We don't know each other, we have never met before but that is all about to change.
I speak up.

'Alright, thought you boys did OK. It was like Normandy beach D-Day for new acts the night - you two want to tell me what I did wrong?'

'Honestly?' says the one called Gary Meikle.

'Yeah please dude,' I say but before he could reply the third act Gary Faulds says: 'Yer jokes are meant to have punchlines'.

We all laugh and that chance conversation kicked off what has been a comedy odyssey for the three of us the past two years. I still haven't added any punchlines.

Thankfully though we have all been learning these past two years and the days of agonising glances with laughter hangovers are few and far between.  The three of us, Gary Faulds, Gary Meikle and myself Chrissy Ross have also become very close friends. After sharing days and nights in long car journeys traveling to and from gigs, we have became comedy brothers.

The show, The Unusual Suspects, is a celebration of that friendship and those that we have made along the way in our comedy journey.

Fresh from appearing in the So You Think You're Funny 2014 final, Gary Meikle will be regaling audiences with his tales of single parenthood and life's funnier struggles. 

Son of a notorious gangster, ex-squaddie, ex-ned and born-again Christian Gary Faulds describes his comedy odyssey from the underworld to the stage. 

I'll be providing a surreal dysfunctional raconteur twist on recovering from my twenties, with the accomplished Rob Kane providing the fast paced and quick witted observations to proceedings. In truth we added Rob to the bill not just because he is exceptionally funny but because Rob has been known to buy his round in and we are planning on one hell of a party for this gig.

So if you fancy a fantastic night out with some genuine Glasgow banter about our various escapades please come along. If not, then please go see some other of the acts that are on during the festival. One of the great things about this being hosted in Glasgow for me personally is that I get to see a lot of my favourite acts without having to travel too far.

Take advantage of this as well and have a cracking Glasgow International Comedy Festival - I know we will!

The Unusual Suspects is at The Admiral Bar, Saturday 21 March at 8pm - book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.