Glasgow Comedy Festival

Blog: 'My Festival' by Anna Devitt

March has arrived and this means the Glasgow International Comedy Festival is upon us! 

For me the Glasgow International Comedy Festival is where it all started. After returning from a tour in Essex I came home to Bonny Glasgow and started my business DirectDevitt: an all female comedy production team. The team Cathie Devitt (writer of Don't Drink and Fly & Mammy), Sharon Rooney (E4's My Mad Fat Diary), Katrina Lamont (Citz & National theatre) and Cassandra Devitt (BBC) took the show Mammy to the famous Griffin Bar. The show was a great success and took to both the Edinburgh Fringe and Henley.

This was the start for me: I loved working with driven people and bringing laughter to the stage!

The Glasgow International Comedy Festival is an affordable way to see top comedy shows and it's a great opportunity for all working comics to showcase their material from that year. The festival brings the city alive and has some great folk behind it. 

My favourite gigs are the small intimate ones, where you can see a brilliant comic whom you have seen on a line up with others really come into their own. The festival organisers work all year round to make sure the whole thing goes without hiccups. 

Glasgow is buzzing when the festival is in and the atmosphere is just stunning. The festival has allowed me to bring new shows with new talent to the forefront and has given many people a great opportunity to shine! The whole month of March is set around what nights off you have and who you can go and see - it's a massive social event in everyone's calendar! 

So, go.... see live talent, see the big names, see the wee names, help them build them a career and most of all enjoy yourself!

The show I am doing this year is So Many Men - Yet None Are Mine!, a play about how in today's society dating is all going online. No one 'meets' anymore, we 'tweet'! It's the true tale of three women approaching 30 who realise in a world of Mr. Grays they need to work harder to find Mr. Right.

Anna Devitt: Last One Standing is at the State Bar, Friday 13 March at 10:30pm and Saturday 21 March at 7:30pm - and So Many Men - Yet None Are Mine! is at Webster's Theatre, Friday 13 March at 7:30pm and Saturday 14 March at 7:30pm - book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.

And click here to check the trailer for So Many Men - Yet None Are Mine!