Glasgow Comedy Festival

Blog: 'Who Exactly Are The Unf**kables?' by Joe McKeown

On the Saturdays of 14th and 21st of March this year, The State Bar will host The Unf**kables at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. We elected to put that star * symbol in there as we got worried that the title may come across as offensive on promotional materials and flyers. This was due to it containing an expletive or 'sweary word' as your ancestors would call it. Now that the star * is there, I'm sure you have no f**king idea which 'sweary word' it happened to be. So who are The Unf**kables?

The group is made up of JD Brown, Tony Sloan, Pablo Serski, and Joe McKeown. All four have been doing stand up across Scotland, primarily Glasgow, from as little as one year to up to two and a half. The progress made by some in such a short period of time has been excellent (JD, Tony and Pablo), whereas with others you just wonder why they're still persisting with it to be honest (...Joe). 

JD Brown won the 2014 Yesbar New Act of the Year award, where Pablo Serski also came close as a fellow finalist. Tony Sloan reached the semi-finals of the So You Think You're Funny competition held at The Gilded Balloon at last year's Edinburgh Fringe. Joe once won a free Day Ticket to T in The Park in 2010 and decided not to sell it 'cos luckily Eminem was headlining that night'. 

Each act has a unique style, with their own cultivated way of qualifying as 'Unf**kable'.

JD Brown's manic energy, vivid storytelling, and hilariously caustic disdain for every sacred cow in society are just some of the reasons he's earned the accolade of Yesbar New Act of the Year. 

Tony Sloan will take you on a very guilty route down memory lane. 'Guilty' because despite him opening up with tales of pain and anguish to you, asking why a guy who just loves sci-fi and comic books can't find the same love out there from another human being, you'll just be laughing at the whole thing.

Pablo Serski comes across as one of the nicest and friendliest chaps you could meet on this circuit. Which only adds to the surprise when he takes to the stage and his darkly poetic, carefully constructed routines of uproarious filth emanate from his innocent smile. 

Joe McKeown? He's got this one half decent bit about texting that he's been doing for 2 years now. Plus he's also the one writing this blog, so it would have been pretty wanky for him to big himself up on it... even if he'd actually deserved it. 

The State Bar has been the home of so much terrific Scottish comedy for over a decade now and continues to be so to this day. All four of us are honoured and proud to be holding these nights at such a cornerstone of Scottish comedy. It's for all of these reasons that we'd love to have you along to enjoy discovering why four differently funny guys all happen to qualify as Unf**kable. 

The Unf**kables is at the State Bar, Saturday 14 and 21 March at 9pm - book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.