Glasgow Comedy Festival

Blog: 'Bossnappers' by Tom Brogan

My play Bossnappers centres around a group of women at a biscuit factory who take their boss hostage in a bid to stave off redundancies. The story is inspired by real life instances of 'boss-napping' in France, as well as historical industrial disputes such as the Lee Jeans sit-in at Greenock in 1981.

I wanted to write a play that centred around a group of women as females are certainly under represented in my own writing. Often used as the counterpoint to a man who is going through some life change, I felt like I should redress that and show a group of women dealing with problems in their own lives. I also wanted to have a legitimate reason to hang about with women.

I’ve enjoyed writing strong, cheeky, determined women with foibles and insecurities. I've also enjoyed researching working women over the years who have taken risks by standing up to their bosses when they felt they weren't being treated fairly.

This is the third year in a row I’ve written a play for the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, and my second time at the CCA. I always enjoy the buzz around venues like The Stand, and the many comedians you can see at late shows in different parts of the town.

I don't really like writing about myself, I'm much more comfortable writing about other people. So to that end my recommendations for other shows to see are...

Elaine Malcolmson  - 'Arrangements' at Yesbar on Sunday 29th March.Elaine's show last year, part of a double-bill, was one of the smartest half-hours of stand-up I’ve seen. She didn't just string together chunks of ten minute club sets, but took the time to craft a finely tuned storytelling show with a theme. Her full hour this year, I'm sure, will be even sharper. 

Scott Agnew - 'Pointing Up (Work In Progress)' at The State Bar on Saturday 14th March. Scott's a terrific raconteur. He seems to have dedicated himself to a lifestyle designed to provide him with no end of entertaining and unusual stories. With each new show he usually has at least one piece of material I find myself retelling to someone the following day.

Andrew Learmonth – 'All The People I've Ever Loved Will Die', at The Old Hairdressers on Sunday 15th March. Much like the previous two acts, Andrew has put his time in on the comedy circuit for several years, developing and maturing as he goes, so you'll be in the hands of an experienced performer for his full-length show. Andrew's also well worth following on Twitter (@AndrewLearmonth). There's a lot of amusing self deprecation most days, but he can also be extremely open and honest. He's a sharp, intelligent writer so whatever mood he's in his comments are well worth reading.

Bossnappers is at the CCA, Sunday 22, Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 March at 7:30pm - book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.