Glasgow Comedy Festival


Ross Leslie
20th Century Ross

The State Bar
Saturday 23 March


3rd place 2018 Scottish Comedian of the Year, Ross Leslie, has a new show.

The 38 year old has spent half of his life in the 20th Century but what happened to Ross then and most importantly, was any of it funny?

Find out about his time being arrested, fights, Sunday School, his first job and Ibiza '99.

'Robustly put-together set...with a nice variety of gags and pleasing turns of phrase in an entertaining set that won him third prize.' Chortle

'Running him close in third was Ross Leslie, standing out as the family man with a wry take on having four sons and a recent vasectomy. Easy flow and solid gag rate and it was easily strong enough for a podium finish.' The List

'Ross Leslie is a must see, funny funny stuff.' Glasgow Social Events

'Future Scottish Headliner' Breakneck Comedy