Glasgow Comedy Festival

Blog: 'Fair Play To Them' by Christopher Macarthur-Boyd

Fair Play To Them is the Glasgow International Comedy Festival debut of Craig Johnstone and myself, Christopher Macarthur-Boyd. It's going to be one us performing humorous stand-up for a period of time, and then the other one - the one who wasn't the first one - also performing humorous stand-up for a period of time. It will either be better or worse than you'd expect, depending on your prerogative.

It really means a lot to me that I get to do this show with Mr. Johnstone, since he was very much the first friend that I made on the Glasgow comedy scene. This was partly due to the fact that in him I recognised a kindred spirit with a true love for the art and craft of stand-up, but mostly due to the fact that I was skint and he wasn't shady about tapping fags.

Together we've spent the last two years cutting our teeth on brutal gong shows, on gigs in front of two punters in bars that no longer exist, and on dire unpaid spots in the middle of nowhere that took hours to get to and hours more to get home from. The sets that we'll perform don't have an over-arching theme, per say, but they're the fruit of that labour, and we've worked really hard to make them funny as fuck.

It's nice to do a show in Glasgow, since that is not only where I was born, but also the place where I was once abducted by a junkie and robbed of my 8-gigabyte iPod Touch on the day of my fifth-year high school ball. Joke's on him, because I now have an 160-gigabyte iPod Classic, and he is likely dead. 

Fun things to do in Glasgow include visiting the Gallery of Modern Art, seeing Kelvingrove Art Gallery, and letting off some steam by screaming bitterly at the granite depths of the River Clyde.

If you're planning on washing your hair on the 21st of March and you don't think it'll be dry by 6pm, then unfortunately you won't be able to see Fair Play To Them, featuring Craig and I. However, if you'd still like an allotment of stand-up comedy, I would recommend that you shun - that's right, SHUN - the well-known televised acts that you know you're guaranteed to enjoy and take a chance on a show by someone new and unknown.

Please make a concerted effort to catch Disconnected, the premier hour of technophobic neo-Luddism from Marc Jennings, as well as the hauntingly nautical Tales of the Sea as told by the loveable boat-creep Rosco McSkeleton. Also recommended: Let's Wreck The Place by Billy Kirkwood, The Drugs Don't Work by Susie McCabe and Wide-O by Jamie Dalgleish.

Craig Johnstone & Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Fair Play To Them is at Yesbar, Saturday 21 March at 6pm - book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.