Glasgow Comedy Festival

CHUNKStival 2017

Brevity is the soul of wit. So we gave the funny people we have scheduled during CHUNKStival (all shows at McPhabbs) to describe their upcoming shows in 5 words or less… 

Joe McKeown: Two entitled white men's jokes Joseph Goss: Sixty Minutes For Basic Bitches [Gone Clear 18th 8pm]

Jordan Marshall: 90's casualties with their carer [It Sucks As It Cuts 15th 9.30pm]

CHUNKS: Craigy hates CHUNKS. Craigy dumb. [Who the f**k is Craigy Blake, what’s his problem and is he actually funny? 19th 3.30pm]

Ross Leslie: Teenage bedwetter still sucks bigly. [Oh No He Didn't 25th 3.30pm]

Planet Caramel: Light-speed sketches. Free Caramel Wafer [A Taste of Planet Caramel 11th 8pm]

Richard Brown: A constant source of disappointment [Hold Tightly to the Walls 23rd 8pm]  

BMR: BMR! BMR! BMR! BMR! BMR! [BMRtist 24th 8pm]

James McIntosh: The carpet men cometh [A Nice Normal Time Thanks (A.N.N.T.T.) 19th 9.30pm]

Elaine Malcolmson: Not necessarily about dead whales [Meet Me at the Old Dead Whale Carcass. 19th 8pm]

Philip O’Shea: Nautical theme, Kermit mentioned [All at Sea! 25th 6.30pm]

Quincy Rammstein: Come if Gadd sells out. [A Lookalike's Agency 11th 6:30pm]

Leona Irvine: You had to be there [My Heart is an Idiot Which Fries My Tits 14th 9.30pm]

Shelia Graham: Cults can be fun. Probably. [Angelic Doorways- The Truth! 14th 8pm]

David Callaghan: I am trying my best. [Let’s Get This Party Startled 20th 9.30pm]

Chris Thorburn: Nice young man worries humorously. [Oh No 22nd 8:00pm]

Gabriel Featherstone: An eccentric narcissist surprises creatures. [Carved From Ape 16th 9.30pm]

Andy Vannan: One hour of Cosplay Madness [Comic Books, Travel & Other Things" 18th 3.30pm]

Nicholas Cooke: See pictures in your head [This Is The Place 19th 6.30pm]  

Scott Jeffery: Capitalism causes depression. Also, JOKES! [Not Mad Enough 23rd, 9.30pm]

Patrick Mulholland Communism, Dogs, Cow, Mushroom, Sing-Song [Mulhollandland 17th 9:30pm] We’re top political comedians now! [Mulholland and Redmond: Hat, Poem, Poem, Hat 10th 9.30pm]

Lost Voice Guy: Have your stupid questions answered. [Disability for Dunces Volume 2- 12th 5pm]

Paul McDaniel: On stage fucking owning it. [ARRR (Hour) 16th 8pm]

Joby Mageean Failing human pretending he's happy. [Happiest Boy in Comedy 21st 8pm]

Nev:  Apocalypse Again! 96% less bees. [Doom 22nd 9.30pm] No laughter wins you money [You Only Hurt the Ones You Love Part Deux 26th 8pm]

Gemma Flynn No more politics, just nostalgia [XXX 17th 8pm]

Sam Small I regret agreeing to this [Hahaha 12th 3.30pm]

Jim the Hobbit: Hate telly's in pubs [Paramedia 15th 8pm]

Thaddeus Bent: Budget Garth Marenghi ghost stories! [Feature of Fear 10th 8pm]

Gregor Wappler: Like John Mulaney on steroids [Why is this Happening? 18th 5pm]   

Lee Kyle: I have no marketable USP [If Dido dies before the show this title will seem eerie 12th 8pm]

Allison Spittle: Mental breakdown surrounded by inflatables [Alison Spittle Discovers Hawaii 11th 5pm]

Bob Graham: Paranoia, anxiety, fury and jokes [Travel Guide for Agoraphobics 25th 9.30pm]

Matt Winning: Climate change break-up and breakdown [Filibuster 19th 5pm] 

Keiron Nicholson: Dead men fight over dinosaurs. [Edward Drinker Cope vs. Othniel Charles Marsh Live! (Work in Progress) 9th 8pm]

Hari Sriskantha: It's a Cloud Atlas pun [Clown Atlas 25th 5pm]

CHUNKS:  THE. BEST. MUTHAF**KIN’. SHOW. EVER. [World’s Strongest CHUNKS 26th 9.30pm]  

The Other Shows:

Sir Dickie Benson: Knight on the Tiles [11th 3.30pm], Terry Arlarse: Art in Your Mind [11th 9.30pm], Which is the Best? Podcast Live [12th 6.30pm], Sammy Dobson: Listless [12th 9.30pm], Commissioned [13th 8pm], Donald Alexander & Stuart McPherson [18th 9.30pm] The Delightful Sausage [20th 8pm], Amy Gledhill: Making a Show of Herself [21st 9.30pm], Rosco McClelland: How I Got Over [25th 8pm], Throwback [26th 6.30pm]   

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