Glasgow Comedy Festival

Blog: 'The Trouble With Being Des' by Des Clarke

The genesis of The Trouble With Being Des is pretty straightforward. I wanted to write a personal show. That was the only brief to myself - all the material had to link back to a personal experience. The more I did this the more I realised in life how many times I'd punched myself in the face. Not literally, even I'm not that daft. 

It started in childhood when I was the first guy in my class to get a moustache. I was 5. I looked like Super Mario. For a while I'm sure some of my class mates thought I was the janitor. Once puberty finished aged 6 I settled into a lifetime of social awkwardness. Culminating in a bizarre encounter last year with Prince Charles which made the national press. I think I'm on a royal security watchlist now. 

The feedback at the Edinburgh Fringe was brilliant. I sold out the full run, probably helped by recently hosting the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony. I trended worldwide, alongside Justin Bieber and a twerking cat. Obviously from a TV audience of 1 billion I got some new fans. A few who knew me already and others who had just seen me with Scotty Dogs and Kylie Minogue. What a party that was. 

It was really important to me that I did this show in Glasgow, especially at the Citizens Theatre. I was brought up in the high rise flats directly opposite the venue in the Gorbals. So I'm expecting the audience to consist largely of my extended family. It's also the only comedy festival where I can walk from to all venues from my house. Always a bonus. 

The real beauty of the GICF is that you can have acts from around the world next to a guy fae across the road. Comedians love this festival. Audiences are right up for it and the schedule allows you to be brilliantly lazy. You have to do a month of gigs at the Fringe. In Glasgow it's usually one night then you're done. A wee quickie after a long term relationship. Happy days. 

When I get a chance, I'll be hoping to check out Scott Gibson and Darren Connell doing their stuff. I've had them support me at previous GICF gigs, mainly because they threatened me with physical harm if I didn't. Seriously it's brilliant to see them both doing so well. Highly recommended. 

I've been lucky enough to perform here every year so my veteran's advice is to take a punt on something you haven't seen before and try checking out one of the late night gigs. Oh aye, and come and see me obviously.

Des Clarke: The Trouble With Being Des is at the Citizens Theatre, Saturday 28 March at 8pm - book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.