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Blog: 'Woman of the Year' by Anna Morris

My Woman of the Year Awards. Who will Glasgow vote for?

I am very excited about returning to Glasgow with my new show, Would Like to Thank...

I came up in 2013 with my last show, Dolly Mixture, a mixed character comedy show. I performed on the night of a blizzard in Glasgow and STILL people came! I was super impressed with the fact that people battled through the blizzard to come and help my unique comic creations come to life. My Glasgow audience were fun, interactive and lovely – it’s been hard doing gigs in other places since!

I wanted to create a show that put the audience at the very centre – and made them feel special. I always enjoy creating a world for my audience, so that they don’t just feel they are sitting behind a fourth wall, watching someone talk at them and falling asleep. I wanted to make something really unique, fun and rewarding.

I had 5 really diverse characters and decided to put them all into a Woman of the Year Award scenario, so that the audience would be the judges for the duration of the show. They’d know what their role was from the beginning, and each of my characters would have a motivation – to win. And along with that came the added tensions, jealousy, sabotage and crazy stunts to win the award. It was so much fun to write, and this time I included more songs as I think music breaks it up a bit and can be very memorable.

I present 4 of my comic creations to the audience, and a vote is taken at the end to see who wins. The winner returns on stage to collect the award and make a speech. So I have written 4 completely different and dramatic endings! This means I’m always on my toes as I never know who is going to win, and the audience get to feel that they are part of the experience. 

It’s more than just a comedy show, it’s a unique event and everyone has their own favourite contestant. Click on the contestants for a video introduction!

Will it be Nina, the scouse mumtrepreneur who’s made her fortune in a very unusual way?

Or will it be Jane the Baker, who’s hiding a very dark secret (ingredient)...?

Maybe it will be ballsy Irish foreign correspondent Keva, who is struggling to find a man in Afghanistan...

Or perhaps Alexi, the anti-marriage activist who is looking for recruits. 

The show is hosted by my most famous character, Georgina the Bride (who won last year, with her charity work for Bride Aid). But Georgina, who tops and tails the show, is going to come up against some challenges back-stage, so may seem a little disheveled and angry when she returns to take the vote...

The show went really well at the Edinburgh Festival last year – audiences were fully involved, and the vote was interesting – one contestant won more than the others (I won’t spoil it for you!) but I loved not knowing every night, who would win.

I think Glasgow audiences will be perfect for this show, and I’m really looking forward to presenting my 4 contestants for their consideration. 

4 women. 1 Award. Who wins? Glasgow – YOU decide!

Anna Morris: Would Like To Thank... is at the Tron Theatre, Friday 20 March at 8pm - book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.

Check out the trailer for Anna's show!